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All-on-4 Immediate Function Course - March 18-20, 2018 - Details
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Registration for this event is open from: 14 Sep, 2016 -11 Mar, 2018
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Where: Sclar Center, 7600 Red Road, Suite 101 , Miami, Florida 33143 (US).
Date: 18 Mar, 2018 - 20 Mar, 2018
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Event description:

A 3-Day Course Presented by Anthony G. Sclar, DMD, Juan D. Cardenas, DDS, and Uli von Haussen, CDT, at the Sclar Center in Miami, Florida.

Learn the prosthodontic, surgical and laboratory protocols and procedures required to predictably provide graftless, full-arch immediate-load prosthesis for your patients.

This course is designed for clinicians with intermediate to advanced experience in implant dentistry who desire to provide graftless solutions for full-arch immediate-load prosthesis for edentulous patients and those with terminal dentition. Emphasis will be placed on diagnosis and treatment planning, prosthodontic, surgical and laboratory protocols, and procedures for fabrication and delivery of "All-on-4-or-More" full-arch immediate-load provisional and final prosthesis.

Teaching Methodologies:

Video surgery presentations, live surgery, prosthetic and laboratory procedure observation, treatment planning sessions, and hands-on surgical and prosthetic exercises performed on simulated anatomic models will reinforce the information gained in the didactic and clinical presentations.

Learning Objectives:

Upon course completion, participants should be able to:

  • Understand the principles, scientific basis, occlusal and biomechanical concepts, benefits and risk factors related to full-arch immediate-load implant prosthesis.
  • Compare and contrast treatment time, benefits, risks and success rates of conventional approaches to full-arch implant prosthesis with graftless "All-on-4-or-More" solutions for full-arch immediate-load implant prosthesis.
  • Clearly understand the indications, case selection criteria and restorative space requirements for conventional full-arch fixed-emergence implant prosthesis, fixed-hybrid "All-on-4-or-More" prosthesis, and fixed patient-removable prosthesis retained by bar or telescopic components.
  • Perform a pre-treatment clinical and radiographic patient evaluation and identify clinical factors required for treatment success and risk factors for complications with an "All-on-4-or-More" full-arch immediate-load prosthesis. Determine the level of treatment difficulty for individual cases and implement diagnostically-driven treatment planning.
  • Command a detailed understanding of and implement the surgical, prosthetic and laboratory principles, protocols and procedures required for successful delivery of "All-0n-4-or-More" full-arch immediate-load provisional prosthesis, CADCAM titanium bar, and various definitive prosthesis options for edentulous patients and those with terminal dentition.
  • Identify and treat common complications that can occur with "All-0n-4-or-More" prosthesis.
  • Avoid complications by adhering to specific patient education, consultation, case presentation and informed consent procedures, close communication between prosthodontist, surgeon and laboratory technician, and adhering to recommended follow up schedule and maintenance procedures.

24 hours CE credits

2018 Tuition:

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All on 4 or More Immediate Function Course Registration $ 6,350.00

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